Our Prices

We offer discounts for paying in advance for blocks/courses, rather than on a Pay As You Go basis. This is to encourage regular participation, which is the quickest way to progress! However, we understand that there are occasions when missing a class is unavoidable. In that case you can either take an additional similar class in the same or following week, or alternatively, you get a 1/2 class credit carried over to the next course payment.

Private Lessons are £61 for 60 minutes, with a discount when paying for a block of 4 or more lessons.

Ballroom and Latin Classes are £16 PAYG, with a discount to £56 (£14 per week) for a 4 week course.

Dancercise Classes are £11 PAYG, with a discount to £38 (£9.50 per week) for a 4 week course

Line Dance Classes are £15 PAYG, with a discount to £52 (£13 per week) for a 4 week course.

Please talk to us about trial classes and lessons.

Kids Classes

Kids Classes run during Term Time as a course, and are discounted if multiple classes are taken in the same week. There is also a sibling discount. Payment is for the Half-Term, and so varies depending on the Half Term length. If you miss your normal class, you can attend a similar one for free in the same or next week as a replacement.

All classes are £13. However there is a multiple class discount:- for example, if both classes on Thursday are taken, then there is a £2 discount.

PAYG whilst discouraged, is possible if there is a known future planned absence, and is £16 per class


Dance Courses:

· All classes must be redeemed by the same customer; they cannot be shared or transferred.
. All Courses have 2 Months Validity after the purchase date.
· Once purchased, all courses are strictly non-refundable.

Private lessons bookings:

· Amendments are possible at no charge up to 48 hours in advance.
. Any Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the lesson are non-refundable.
· If booked less than 48h prior to the lesson, the booking is non-refundable.
. Private lessons packages are valid for 6 months after purchase date, and are not refundable once started.

Gift vouchers:

· Vouchers are strictly non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.
· Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months after purchase date.
· Once a voucher has been redeemed by a customer, its remaining value cannot be reimbursed or transferred to another person.