Our Prices

We are a community based dance school, and try to keep our prices very low. We are certainly much less expensive than any other local school that we know of. Unfortunately our costs have recently increased significantly, and whilst we are not trying to make a profit, we also cannot afford to make a loss.

We offer discounts in general for paying in advance for courses, rather than on a Pay As You Go basis, to encourage regular participation, which is the quickest way to progress! However, we understand that there are occasions when missing a class is unavoidable. In that case you can either take an additional similar class in the same or following week, or alternativly, you get a 1/2 class credit carried over to the next course payment.

Members get an additional discount. Membership is now closed, however previously enroled members retain their discount.

Please talk to us about trial classes and lessons.

PAYG 4 week Course 8 week block payment
Member Non-Member Member Non-Member Member Non-Member
B&L Private Lesson £45ph £50ph £44ph £48ph £43ph £46ph
Group Class £12 £14 £10 £12 £9 £10
WCS/Zouk Private Lesson £68ph £75ph £65ph £65ph £60ph £60ph
Group Class £13 £13 £10 £10 £9 £9
Line Dance Group Class £12 £14 £10 £11 £9 £10

Kids Classes run during Term Time as a course, and are discounted if multiple classes are taken in the same week. There is also a sibling discount. Payment is for the Half-Term, and so varies depending on the Half Term length, pro-rata for a late start. If you miss your normal class, you can attend a similar one for free in the same or next week as a replacement.

First class is £12 per class(pc), 2nd is £10, third is £8, all prices are per 45 min class. Another way of looking at it is that one class is £12pc, 2 classes in the same week is £11 each, and three classes in the same week is £10 each

PAYG whilst discouraged, is possible if there is a known future planned absence, and is £15/£13/£11 per class.