last reviewed 8/1/23


last reviewed 8/1/23

We wish to reassure you that whilst the laws covering COVID-19 and social distancing have been removed, we are still taking COVID-19 very seriously and are working very hard to ensure that we are taking all reasonable measures possible for everyone’s safety. This has resulted in some changes to our operations;

We encourage pre-booking and pre-payment of all group activities (group classes, private lessons, practices, socials, Parties). If you can't make it, you will be refunded

Private lessons and classes will be 50 minutes long to allow the teacher to complete hygiene requirements between activities, including washing their hands

Contact points will be regularly sanitised

Outlined below is a complete list of our current safety guidelines, which are reviewed and updated regularly and as the situation changes

DAS COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

This will help to keep ALL users of the halls safe, thank you for your co-operation